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Specialized high-speed stacker cranes.

Stacker cranes from Peick FörderSysteme GmbH

Special high-speed stacker cranes provide new and efficient ways to simplify and speed up the work process in high-bay warehouses.

With the new BLIZZZARD and HURRICAN stacker cranes, Peick FörderSysteme GmbH can configure and supply the right device depending on the requirements.

Therefore Peick FörderSysteme

We offer economic solutions for conveyor systems and parking garages

Peick FörderSysteme GmbH, from Marbach am Neckar, is a dynamic company, specialising in development, production, assembly and service. Thus, we are developing conveyor systems for any kind of goods, as well as conveyor systems for cars and yachts.

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Values, such as “Made in Germany”, quality, and personal support to our customers are always our top priority. As a Swabian machine builder, we combine quality, tradition and innovative technologies.

Peick is certified due to DIN 9001:2015

Faster than any cyclone

Blizzzard – 1200 kg payload

With superior travel and lift speeds, it is a two-mast unit made of sectional steel. This design allows the BLIZZZARD to be equipped with single and double-deep telescopes, and as a shuttle transporter. The drive is designed in x-axis using wear-optimized friction wheel drive through Vulkollan-coated impellers. The lifting movement is performed by a rope drum with flanged lifting motor. Two steel cables are used as suspension means. The stroke is guided by adjustable steel rollers. Sophisticated design measures have made it possible to keep the total dead weight very low.

Hurrican 401 – flexible und modern

The HURRICAN brings a new dimension to high-bay warehouses. Due to its low dead weight and enormous travel and lifting speeds, all requirements are met to realize high throughputs. The HURRICAN can be configured to your requirements in terms of load handling attachments. Whether a puller, clamp, telescope or combination telescope, we have the right load handling device for your application.

The HURRICAN is designed as a two-mast unit with aluminum masts. The Vulkollan track and guide rollers ensure quiet operation. The undercarriage is driven by toothed belts, the hoist is a closed system with 2 toothed belts. The construction height is 15 meters.

Multiworker MW 401 up to 250 kg Without upper guide rail

The Multi Worker from Peick meets the highest demands on a modern and efficient stacker crane when it comes to performance, maintenance and reliability.

Maintainable toothed belt in X and Y directions, smooth-rolling wheels with Vulkollan coating, but also the use of aluminium and weight-saving bondings are responsible for a lightweight construction and reflect the current state of the art. Thanks to the 4-mast implementation, high speed (max. 7 m/s) are just as possible without anti-pendulum as high acceleration values.

In daily use, the power distributes on six wheels. Through reduce wheel pressure, the wear and maintenance is decreased. The drive can be built as a stationary or mobile unit. The installed load handling devices reach high speeds and guarantee high throughput and impressive efficiency.

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You have questions about our products and services and would like to learn more about Peick Fördersysteme GmbH? Then do not hesitate to contact us!

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